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Special content about coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) in Revista Clínica Española (English Edition)

Bempedoic acid in patients with type 2 diabetes
W. Masson, L. Barbagelata, M. Lobo, J.P. Nogueira
Rev Clin Esp. 2022;222:251-3
Clinical characteristics, management, and one-year risk of complications among patients with heart failure with and without type 2 diabetes in Spain
C. Escobar, L. Varela, B. Palacios, M. Capel, A. Sicras-Mainar, A. Sicras-Navarro, A. Hormigo, R. Alcázar, N. Manito, M. Botana
Rev Clin Esp. 2022;222:195-204
Epidemiology of COVID-19 among health personnel in long-term care centers in Seville
A. Morales Viera, R. Rivas Rodríguez, P. Otero Aguilar, E. Briones Pérez de Blanca
Rev Clin Esp. 2022;222:205-11
Persistent COVID-19 syndrome. A narrative review
A. López-Sampalo, M.R. Bernal-López, R. Gómez-Huelgas
Rev Clin Esp. 2022;222:241-50
Beyond acute SARS-CoV-2 infection: A new challenge for Internal Medicine
I. Martín-Garrido, F.J. Medrano-Ortega
Rev Clin Esp. 2022;222:176-9
Incretin-based therapy for glycemic control of hospitalized patients with type 2 diabetes: a systematic review
A.E. Gracia-Ramos, M.P. Cruz-Domínguez, E.O. Madrigal-Santillán
Rev Clin Esp. 2022;222:180-9
Healthcare professionals diagnosed by COVID-19 at work: The right for it to be classified as an occupational disease
G. Martí Amengual, P. Sanz Gallen, C. Martin-Fumadó, J. Arimany-Manso
Rev Clin Esp. 2022;222:120-2
Changes over time in the association between type 2 diabetes and post-discharge outcomes in decompensated chronic heart failure patients: Findings from the RICA Registry
F.J. Carrasco-Sánchez, M.I. Páez-Rubio, J.C. Arévalo-Lorido, J. Carretero-Gómez, A. Conde-Martel, F. Epelde, P. Álvarez-Rocha, M.P. Salamanca-Bautista, J.M. Cepeda-Rodrigo, M. Montero-Pérez-Barquero
Rev Clin Esp. 2022;222:63-72
Possible effect of the “original antigenic sin” in vaccination against new variants of SARS-CoV-2
J. Reina
Rev Clin Esp. 2022;222:91-2
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