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Short-term outcomes of patients with a long stay in an internal medicine service
L. Cabeza-Osorio, F.J. Martín-Sánchez, D. Varillas-Delgado, R. Serrano-Heranz
Available online 20 May 2022
Prevalence and phenotype of primary bilateral macronodular adrenal hyperplasia with autonomous cortisol secretion: a study of 98 patients
N. Bengoa-Rojano, M. Fernández-Argüeso, J.I. Botella-Carretero, E. Pascual-Corrales, M. Araujo-Castro
Available online 19 May 2022
Response to the letter “Acute mountain sickness: Is its prevalence overestimated?”
E. Garrido, J. Botella de Maglia, O. Castillo
Available online 18 May 2022
Acute mountain sickness. Is its prevalence overestimated?
Í. Soteras, M. Ayala, E. Subirats, J.C. Trullàs, X. Jiménez-Fàbrega
Available online 14 May 2022
Acute poisoning among patients attended to in an emergency department: from the pre-pandemic period to the new normality
A.F. Caballero-Bermejo, J. Ortega-Pérez, G. Frontera-Juan, C. Homar-Amengual, B. Barceló-Martín, J. Puiguriguer-Ferrando
Available online 13 May 2022
The evolution of SARS-CoV-2 variants and their clinical and healthcare implications
J.M. Eiros, M. Hernández
Available online 10 May 2022
Assessment of clinical and hemodynamic congestion as predictors of mortality in elderly outpatients with heart failure
P. Gil-Martínez, J. Curbelo, E. Roy-Vallejo, D. Mesado-Martínez, M. Ciudad-Sañudo, C. Suárez-Fernández
Available online 8 May 2022
Description and clinical application of comprehensive geriatric assessment scales: A rapid systematic review of reviews
V. Casanova-Muñoz, Á. Hernández-Ruiz, C. Durantez-Fernández, R. López-Mongil, V. Niño-Martín
Available online 4 May 2022
Nobel prizes and their influence on the areas of knowledge of various medical specialties
J.M. Trejo-Gabriel-Galán
Available online 27 April 2022
Vericiguat in heart failure: From scientific evidence to clinical practice
J.R. González-Juanatey, M. Anguita-Sánchez, A. Bayes-Genís, J. Comín-Colet, A. García-Quintana, A. Recio-Mayoral, J.L. Zamorano-Gómez, J.M. Cepeda-Rodrigo, L. Manzano
Open access
Available online 24 April 2022
Revista Clínica Española (English Edition)

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