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Abdominal pain: Initial clinical manifestation of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis
S. Sanz-Baena, A. Díaz-Menéndez, P. Quintana-Valcarcel
Available online 28 July 2021
Keratoderma and dental involvement
F.J. Navarro-Triviño, M. Moreno-Higueras
Available online 28 July 2021
Adherence to the Mediterranean diet in health personnel from the province of Las Palmas
S. González-Sosa, J.J. Ruiz-Hernández, S. Domínguez-Rivero, E. Águila-Fernández, D. Godoy-Díaz, S. Santana-Báez, A. Puente-Fernández, A. Conde-Martel
Available online 23 July 2021
Ostesyntesis-associated infection by S. aureus and the role of PET/CT in the diagnosis of septic complications
R. Roa-Chamorro, A. Godoy-Montijano, A. Moral-Ruiz
Available online 22 July 2021
Research productivity during residency training in Spain: Comparison among medical specialties lasting 5 years
J.M. Porcel, G. Bagüeste, L. Liesa, S. Bielsa
Available online 21 July 2021
The role of scientific societies in a post-COVID world
J. García-Alegría, P. Garrido-López
Available online 11 July 2021
COVID-19 pandemic, professionalism, and the social contract
M. Esquerda, J. Teres
Available online 9 July 2021
Comprehensive management of risk factors in peripheral vascular disease. Expert consensus
V. Barrios, P. Beato, C. Brotons, R. Campuzano, J.F. Merino-Torres, J.M. Mostaza, N. Plana, J.A. Rubio, M. Comellas
Available online 2 July 2021
HBV infection is a risk factor for chronic kidney disease: Systematic review and meta-analysis
F. Fabrizi, R. Cerutti, F.M. Donato, P. Messa
Available online 26 June 2021
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