Revista Clínica Española (English Edition) Revista Clínica Española (English Edition)
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March 2018
Vol. 218. Num. 2.
Pages 49-114

Revista Clínica Española published its first issue in 1940 and is the body of expression of the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (SEMI).

The journal fully endorses the goals of updating knowledge and facilitating the acquisition of key developments in internal medicine applied to clinical practice. Revista Clínica Española is subject to a thorough double blind review of the received articles written in Spanish or English. Nine issues are published each year, including mostly originals, reviews and consensus documents.

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Vol. 218. Num. 2. March 2018 Pages 49-114
This is the last issue available in English language
Original Articles
Proposed clinical scale for the diagnosis of acute coronary syndrome in patients with an inconclusive electrocardiogram and myocardial injury biomarkers
F.J. Montero-Pérez, F.B. Quero-Espinosa, M.J. Clemente-Millán, J.A. Castro-Giménez, J. de Burgos-Marín, M.Á. Romero-Moreno
Rev Clin Esp 2018;218:49-57
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Brief Original
Does nutritional intervention maintain its prognostic benefit in the long term for malnourished patients hospitalised for heart failure?
J.L. Bonilla-Palomas, A.L. Gámez-López, J.C. Castillo-Domínguez, M. Moreno-Conde, M.C. López-Ibáñez, M. Anguita-Sánchez
Rev Clin Esp 2018;218:58-60
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Mortality hospital of nonagenarian patients in Internal Medicine
M. Singer, A. Conde-Martel, M. Hemmersbach-Miller, J.J. Ruiz-Hernández, J. Arencibia Borrego, B. Alonso Ortiz
Rev Clin Esp 2018;218:61-5
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Pleural effusion in multiple myeloma
J.M. Porcel
Rev Clin Esp 2018;218:66-7
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Clinical scales: Tools for the diagnosis of unstable angina
A. Alquézar-Arbé, B. Lopez Barbeito
Rev Clin Esp 2018;218:72-3
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Special Article
Treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus in elderly patients
R. Gómez-Huelgas, F. Gómez Peralta, L. Rodríguez Mañas, F. Formiga, M. Puig Domingo, J.J. Mediavilla Bravo, C. Miranda, J. Ena
Rev Clin Esp 2018;218:74-88
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Characteristics of patients with myelomatous pleural effusion. A systematic review
V. Riveiro, L. Ferreiro, M.E. Toubes, A. Lama, J.M. Álvarez-Dobaño, L. Valdés
Rev Clin Esp 2018;218:89-97
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Safety of diabetes drugs in patients with heart failure
F.J. Carrasco-Sánchez, A.I. Ostos-Ruiz, M. Soto-Martín
Rev Clin Esp 2018;218:98-107
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Medicine in images
Cutaneous hyperpigmentation in vitamine B12 deficiency
A. García-Villa, C. Cabañuz
Rev Clin Esp 2018;218:108-9
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Validation of the NaURSE rule for predicting in-hospital mortality in nonagenarians
N. Pérez, I. Urreta, M. Elola, P. Aranegui
Rev Clin Esp 2018;218:110-1
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Areas of improvement in thromboprophylaxis of hospitalized medical patients
M. Martín Asenjo, J.M. Martín Guerra, I. Usategui Martín, L.A. Sánchez Muñoz
Rev Clin Esp 2018;218:112-4
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